Advanced Principles of Physiologic Occlusion Course with Dr. Clayton A. Chan

Level 1 Seminar and Hands On Training

Course Description:
"Optimizing Your Skills and Understanding In Bite Registration"

Prerequisite Course: None 

AGD Subject Code: 181 Myofascial Pain/Occlusion, 010 Basic Science/Physiology, 200 Orofacial Pain/Musculoskeletal orofacial pain, 154 Sports Dentistry 

A NEW BEGINNING: Mastering “Optimized Occlusion", TMD and Difficult Restorative


Occlusion is the foundation to advanced dentistry. It is a diagnostic awareness of how the masticatory system effects the complete body's postural support system. It goes beyond establishing even teeth contacts. It acknowledges the physiologic principles how to set up a case for long term stability.  "A critical thinking process" and problem solving is what is missing today for the progressive dentist to realize dentistry is more than treating teeth. Your future clinical success is in learning GNM.


Without a proper bite registration and diagnosis occlusal treatment is doomed to fail."

Muscle stability and optimal mandibular positioning is an absolute key to effective treatment. This journey is for those who are seeing an elite level of understanding beyond the norm. GNM occlusion is not an option if one desires clinical results beyond 80% success, but desires to position him/herself in the later years of a seasoned dental practice. 


Level 1 Training is the core essence for every clinicians to grasp what bite optimization is really about.  It is part 1 of a two part Optimized Bite re-education and training process that correlates with part 2 (Level 5 Advanced GNM Bite Refinement course).  Level 1 is the first step and after the clinician has understood the "thinking process" a Level 5 is the part 2 of the Bite Optimization process based on objective data and measurements - another powerful key making OC's curriculum the most powerful for diagnosis and advanced treatment. This course is specifically designed to train dentists to become a "Master Clinician". This 2 day hands on program teaches dentists specific skills in capturing an "Optimized Bite" physiologically in the vertical, AP and frontal domains without manual manipulation or need for Shimbashi measurements.  Without this understanding it is impossible to properly prescribe a GNM designed orthotic.  

This is an important key to comprehensive treatment planning and diagnosis.  

10 Key Fundamental Physiologic Principles and techniques are taught.  The dentist will no longer have to make excuses of not knowing the causes when asked by the questioning patient. Learn the proven occlusal concepts that are based on measured science, objectivity and bio-functional physiology.  

Course Objectives:
  • To present the principles of GNM Dentistry (Gneuromuscular) and methodology for diagnosis and comprehensive treatment planning.
  • Basic concepts – POSTURE of the head, neck and mandible to cranial alignment.
  • To emphasize the need to establish an occlusion that allows optimal function of the temporomandibular joints and the neuromuscular system with relaxed muscles.
  • To understand and appreciate the importance of resting and functioning modes of muscles and their role in jaw joint health and joint dysfunction.
  • A detailed look into how low frequency transcutaneous electro neural stimulation relaxes the muscles using Ultra Low Frequency Myomonitor  J5 TENS "OPTIMALLY".
  • How to capture an Optimized Bite with out the dependancy on EMGs. 
  • How esthetics and function inter relate to achieve the best bite relationship for the patient – Cranio-mandibular facial enhancement.
  • Introduction to the Musculoskeletal Occlusal Signs and Symptoms - their influence on occlusal dentistry.
  • Collapsed bites and deficient vertical problems - How to deal with them.
  • Force and Balance Factors as they relate to NM Occlusion principles.
  • Introduction to evaluation, analysis and diagnosis from mount casts
  • Bruxism, clenching and avoidance control.
  • Introduction to orthotic stabilization therapy.
You Will Learn:
  • How to recognize the postural problems that often go unrecognized in comprehensive treatment planning.
  • How to identify the numerous musculoskeletal occlusal signs and symptoms, prior to esthetic treatment, which patients pose as risk to instability.
  • The rationale of the physiologic GNM (Gneuromuscular) technique vs. classical NM (neuromuscular) and mechanical bite registration techniques.
  • How to properly use the Dental TENS at the next level effectively to relax masticatory muscles.
  • How to properly capture a physiologic bite relationship using Dr. Chan's proven and scientific techniques and bite taking protocols with TENS – Two Session Hands On Practicum and Demonstrations with Dr. Chan and team of mentors.
  • How to properly relate the upper and lower dental casts in a physiologic optimal position before starting orthotic therapy.
    How to simply relate the maxillary dental cast for proper smile design and laboratory mounting via the modified Fox Plane Technique.
  • How to know when to change vertical and when not to change vertical dimensions.
  • How to effectively communicate value to your patients.

Without these keys an Optimized bite relationship is compromised and clinical time is wasted. In this training we do not depend on low EMG and TENS only to optimally establish neutral jaw relationship but rather we take the process to a more advanced level showing the dentists things that are over looked and missed in typical neuromuscular trainings.  TENS alone will not determine a physiologic bite registration.  If you think so, think again!  Level 1 will begin to separate your dentistry from the usual and customary style of dental practice and allows the dentist to begin to treat the more complex cases. 


CLAYTON A. CHAN, D.D.S. Founder/Director of OCCLUSION CONNECTIONS The Center for Gneuromuscular Dentistry & Orthopedic Advancement

Dr. Chan demonstrates what to see and look for when observing the fine nuances of jaw movement and positioning as they relate to muscles, joints and disc relationships during bite registration technique training.


These advance teachings go beyond classic "neuromuscular" occlusal concepts and classical TENS bite techniques.  Dr. Chan's GNM occlusal process addresses what is not recognized even in NM teachings. A blend of both gnathologic and neuromuscular concepts are uniquely presented. Dr. Chan is able to uniquely bridge the gap and bring a NEW "Thinking Process" to every GP and specialist, addressing the problems every experience dentist knows exists but do not know what to do about it. GNM is not NM. (Dr. Chan is the originator and developer).
More Details About LEVEL 1 Course:
  • This course is exactly what most experienced dentists are missing and did not realize it.
  • If you want to learn predictable occlusal techniques and avoid or minimize failing restorations, prevent unnecessary pain and TMD mishaps, this course will show you how the temporomandibular  joint and postural system works.
  • If you are searching for how to establish yourself into a particular niche practice in your later practicing years this is the GNM journey you must take.  
  • Many clinicians admit that there are missing gaps in their gnathologic (CR) and neuromuscular (NM) journey and are not sure what it is. 
  • Simple, effective tips, techniques and understanding will change your outlook on dentistry and how you practice.  
  • After years of frustrations your passion for dentistry can be re-ignited and re-established so you can master dentistry in a way you never realized was possible.
The GNM principles of homeostasis go beyond basic occlusal understanding.  Resolving the underlying occlusal problems of TMD takes on a greater responsibility to understand the missing concepts, methods and techniques that are not taught in this profession.

If you feel you are an advanced NM K7 trained dentist, think again! - You should be able to do the following to prove your occlusal understanding:
  • Can you find a precise optimized myo-trajectory within 0.1-0.3 mm without the use of your K7?
  • Can you identify the proper frontal/lateral trajectory with reduced discs?
  • Can you identify the proper physiologic vertical dimensions without the aid of shimbashi measurements and use of calipers?
  • Can you identify true physiologic rest position without your K7?
  • Do you know the proper gnathologic principles to resolve your NM problems?
If you have to depend on your K7 to do this, you really don't know what you are missing to advanced your K7 understanding.  OC Level 1 course begins your OC GNM journey!

Note: Course participants are encouraged to bring crown and bridge quality model casts of your own mouth for bite registration break out session.

TESTIMONIALS: What doctors thought about Level 1 course:

"I encourage every dentist who has some or no occlusion background should take Occlusion connection courses. I have taken 8 +2 courses with Dr.Clayton Chan and no doubt it has transformed my dental career and allowed me to practice advanced dentistry with high confidence. Honestly speaking, I have used and applied OC or GNM concept taught by Dr. Chan, in everything I do in dentistry from restorative, ortho, TMJ treatment to full mouth rehab with crowns or AOX prosthesis. Highly recommend his courses and I can reassure you won’t regret. I really got hooked and addicted to his teaching at the beginning and it did take me two straight years to complete his 8+2 courses. Thanks Dr. Chan for your unique OC GNM teaching!!!" - Cory N. Nguyen, D.D.S., Dallas, TX (K7 owner, OC Levels 8+2). 
"Please do yourself a favor and take this course. It will make you such a better dentist and increase your confidence dramatically. Dr. Chan also provides a wonderful community of excellent colleagues as support. It is by far, the best CE I have ever taken and I have taken them all!" - Kathi M. Mansell, D.M.D., Scottsdale, AZ (OC Levels 8+3)
"Finally after 4 years I was "blinded", learned by myself and bothered my Singapore colleagues a lot about optimized bite, last month I saw myself and learned to take the Chan's optimized bite from Dr. Chan himself ! (thanks Dr. Chan and all OC docs from your warm hello).  So, after my level 1, I was delivering 2 orthotics last week (and using TATAB protocol this time) and no more blinded because I had seen 'that's the bite'.
Still very far from perfection, but I had felt the difference although since 4 years ago I had been using J5 tens myomonitor. Lv 1 was really opening my eyes. Patient with pictures attached has just come for follow up today, and she told me : "I was treating by chiropractor for 1 year because of my back pain in my left side, and also I looked terrible when I was walking and standing, and even more smiling. But since last week, after I use orthotic, all the symptoms are suddenly gone like nowhere  It's fantastic !"" - Immilia Eka Pertiwi, BDS, Surabya, Indonesia (J5 owner).

"A wealth of knowledge and information provided beyond past NM educational training.  A real "eye opener" learning experience!  Dr. Chan offers a unique ability to convey his expertise in a manner that makes learning easy.  Nothing was left to chance!!  Attention to detail could not have been better.  OC has created a "personalized learning experience" beyond any C.E. course I have ever taken before." - 
Gregg Melfi, D.D.S., Rhode Island (Experienced K7 owner, NM Trained).

"Just got back from Level 1 and I have to commend Clayton on a wonderful job of blending more advanced material with delivering the NM message all at the same time. There were 4 seasoned  clinicians and 4 new individuals being introduced to the optimized NM principals. At no time was I bored or felt as if the lectures were not geared to all in the room. The material for me brought all    The prior teachings into a very systematic approach to taking a bite and solving the bite and pain issues for your patients. I highly recommend the 2 days to all as I know you will return with very practical information that you can apply immediately. It is nice to spend 2 days with someone with as much passion for teaching NM dentistry as Clayton. Thank you". - David J Martin DDS MAGD, Totowa, New Jersey (Experienced K7 owner, NM trained)

"Clayton was able to teach to a common denominator regardless of no experience or years of K7 experience. It is a rare individual that can do that successfully. After years of chasing EMGs thinking I had nailed the bite, I realize after 2 days that's not the optimized way of taking the bite....Ready to move on now." -  Jerry M. Strauss, D.M.D., Fairfield, New Jersey (Experienced K7 owner, NM trained)

"Dr Chan, Thank you very much for your passion to share with others your wealth of knowledge. You have a gift of making things easy to understand even for a newbie like myself. At first I was worried that I had no background in NM, but as the lecture went on I was glad that I have a fresh mind to learn from the true source of GNM.
I'd like to share a funny story, one week before the course, I happened to bring my husband to a local NM/TMJ dentist for an evaluation, he was hooked up to the Biopac EMG, it was malfunctioned, he played around with it for an hour, could not get the readings. He apologized and wanted to reschedule, he said without the machine he couldn't diagnose. My husband rushed out of there, telling me he didn't want to come back. He said he lost confidence in the doctor.
So Dr Chan, when you said your goal is teach us to not rely on the machine, I knew you are a genuine article! 
I just ordered the J5, so excited to start on my GNM journey with a wonderful, knowledgable, and humble group of doctors on this board."  Thank you!
Annie Pham, DDS, Santa Clara, California

"Clayton, Just wanted to thank you for convincing me to attend the level one OC course. You were right, it's not really a level one course, nor was it just a refresher course, it was a course unto itself. You presented many new insights into gneurmuscular dentistry which were never taught before. You blended  basic GNM knowledge for the beginner with advanced insights for the experienced K-7 user to take home and improve all of our techniques. The most important for me was that I was able to come home and take better bites on Monday morning consistently. A key component for me was get me to refocus on the patient and not on the K-7 when taking my bites. These insights gave me increased confidence in taking bites on the difficult cases where the condyles are not tracking in unison and how to logically unravel each situation and get a great bite and be able to care for my patient at a higher level.   PS Those seasoned K-7 Vets, you won't be wasting your time ,honestly. Thanks Clayton you continue to reignite my gneuromuscular passion." -- Tom Streko, D.M.D.,  Westfield, New Jersey (K7 NM experienced owner)

"Thank you very much for an outstanding course this past weekend.....I was amazed at how much I still learned in your level 1 course. I can only speak for myself but I thought starting at Level 1 was ideal. I was able to learn how you get an optimized bite from a much more fundamental level. There is no way to “overthink” things when learning from Clayton. He presents things in such a practical and understandable format that you really walk away “getting it”. I have always felt that I was missing something. I was never able to resolve my patients issues and now I realize it’s because I was missing some very important basic concepts to consider. I enjoyed the other doctors input as well. It seemed that some of us had more advanced training than others but everyone worked very well together. The Class size was perfect for learning and I felt like I had enough individual time with Clayton to ask my own questions about certain cases that I am seeing in my practice. Thanks you very much for simplifying GNM concepts for me and helping  me become a better clinician. I look forward to Level 2 and 3 and 4 coming up over the next few months." - Rod Strober, D.D.S., San Diego, CA  (Experienced K7 owner, NM trained)

"Having attended level one this weekend really makes me appreciate the sequencing of your curriculum.  As has been said many times on the forum, and after originally jumping in at level five because I made some wrong assumptions about what might be presented in the more " beginner courses " I truly appreciate the sequence of transitioning from one tooth dentistry to whole mouth dentistry.  As one matures as a dentist one continually seeks answers.  Mine were all about occlusion. If your information had of been as readily available as its is today through OC, my journey would have been more self satisfying  and stress free because your work provides so much more of the bigger picture than any dental school can. I wholeheartedly advise anyone who is early in this journey to partake in your curriculum. It will make them so much more confident in their daily practices and.  The patients really appreciate knowing what is going on in their mouths and bodies. " No one has ever explained that to me before. " 
Marke Pedersen, BSc, D.D.S., Chairman of Pacific Dental Conference, Vancouver/Vernon, B.C. Canada  (K7 NM experienced owner)

"I wish to post to the group that I have just returned from attending Level 1 course this weekend with Clayton and Jane.  It indeed is a pleasure to always meet new doctors and share stories.  However, I also would like to mention that this course is extremely important for all of us to attend in our own journeys, I say that because I have been involved in my neuromuscular journey since 1989 when I took a learning week course in Seattle with Dr. Jankelson and numerous other courses with other people or groups since that time. This course will provide knowledge about the recapturing of the discs and function of the lateral pterygoid muscles which have always been a missing link for me in my interpretation of proper physiologic occlusion.  I encourage everyone to attend
Thank-you Clayton and Jane, as always, for your hospitality and encouragement to all of us."  

- Al Winchar, D.M.D., Winnipeg, Manitoba  (K7 NM experienced owner)

"I just wanted to let Dr. Chan know how much I enjoyed the first installment of his CE Lecture series. I have been reading my manual and I am very excited about what I learned and can't wait to continue learning! Thank you again for the opportunity to come and learn and rub shoulders with you both and the other great doctors that attended." 
-Amy Gearin, DMD, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Thank you so much for all your hard work and hospitality. I truly enjoyed the course and have already received my myomonitor today and scheduled 2 pts for the tens and byte registrations. I can not wait to gain some experience and take the following courses." 

-Sam Sadati. DDS, FAACD, Wellington, Florida  (K7 NM experienced owner)

"Very useful-hands on information. Smaller class size was great! Amazing learning experience!" 
- Janice Okamura, DMD, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Dr. Chan was very discriptive and easy to understand the details that were discussed. I finally heard someone that knows bites. This makes sense HIP does not. This course should be required by the ADA for every dentist and dental specialist. Can't wait for the next course." 
-Chris Barnes - Arrowhead Dental Laboratory Sandy, Utah

"This course made me better understand occlusion. Dr. Chan was very concise and presented the material in a very intersting manner. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It exceeded my expectations." 
- Gary Buzbee, DDS, Springfield, Missouri

"I was going back and forth on going, thinking I already knew this. .... But what you brought to the table this time was something much more electric (no pun intended).  You opened my eyes to things I have seen in my practice, but did not quite understand. I see them now!  That was absolutely fantastic. Your presentation skills are fantastic and your gift to draw in the doctors to participate is quite unique. I have absolutely no doubt that this is going to be a huge success for you."
- Doug Cast, DDS, Murrieta, California

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